Reasons to be Cheerful #1: The Bleak Mid Spring

26 Mar
"My favourite month? Why, it's March of course"

“My favourite month? Why, it’s March of course”

The continuing onslaught of snow through a season normally known for an increase in temperature is unsurprisingly affecting the public mood.

However, in what I hope to be a noble and valiant effort, I will outline some Reasons to be Cheerful about the snows of March.

1.INCREASED MOANING CAPACITY. This is Britain. Who doesn’t like to moan? I know I do, and with this crappy weather continuing we can combine two of our favourite national pastimes: moaning and talking about the weather.

2.SAVING MONEY. Forget your spring wardrobe. Despite what shops might misleadingly imply with rails of pastel and sleeveless attire, anyone who read about the girl who died in the snow knows that this is no time to throw away the winter wardrobe. Forgo the new jacket/impractically thin-soled shoes. Spend your money on coal instead.

3.USING ‘IN MY DAY’ DESPITE BEING AGED UNDER 65. Thanks to the BBC’s recognition of the fact that this is the coldest March ever (well since ’69 but close enough), we – all of us – have been given the green light to talk nostalgically of better days. Try, ‘I remember when we actually had seasons’ or ‘by Gad, I can barely remember what summer feels like’.

4. SCOFFING YOURSELF GUILT-FREE. Much like being on your period, being really very cold is an entirely justifiable reason for eating excessively. You need to store up energy because of all those calories burned shivering. Plus, there is a greater need for basic comfort (ie: pies) when getting out of bed is impossible without first awkwardly putting on a dressing gown under the covers.


(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: It’s fucking cold)

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