Reasons To Be Cheerful #7: The Brent in The (My) Office

4 Apr


When the Office was first on TV and I was a mere school girl, I remember my mum telling me that everyone who works in an office knows a Brent.

Having not won the lottery, I am now a fully-fledged office worker and as tends to be the case, Mother Was Right.

Day to day, these characters are the focus of bitching, ridicule and sometimes hatred, but quite honestly, they give us something to talk about. Not a watercooler moment, more of a… desk subject if you will. Here are some reasons to be cheerful for your Brent.

1. No matter how bad things get, you are NOT him/her

When your Brent sticks his hand out for a sideways high five with the person from finance who walks past about once a fortnight, be thankful you are not him. Especially when the side-five is surreptitiously ignored.

2. When you’re feeling down, Brent will be there

Just been passed up for a promotion? Or perhaps you’ve walked in looking a little glum. Brent will take this opportunity to either corner you or  to send you a private message. ‘Hey man, let me know if you want to talk’ or even, ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down’. With those words you are reminded once again that you are not Brent and also – I hope – that you have someone better you can go to.

3. Brent’s fashion choices

It might be a flat cap teamed with ripped flares and an unfortunately – but very purposefully – tight t-shirt. Or perhaps Brent is feeling more smart-cash and is going for the blazer/jeans/loafers look today. Sometimes we’ll see an ‘edgy’ apparel choice like a bowler hat – worn in the fashion of a blind person imitating Charlie Chaplin.

4. Welcome distractions from work

As a born attention-seeker, Brent likes to be outlandish around the office, and the louder the better. When doing the daily ’rounds’ you will oft-times hear Brent’s deep laugh as he sits, one knee up on a harassed-looking colleague’s desk, regaling with tales from a misspent youth. Sometimes Brent likes to regale co-workers with tales and anecdotes purely off-the-cuff. Maybe just on the way to the loo. You can take at least 10 minutes’ break while listening to Brent reminisce about that time he got smashed when he was, like, ten.

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: You have to work with Brent. Everyday. He will expect you to high five him and he will knock on your desk)

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