Reasons To Be Cheerful #10: Game of Thrones Series 3 Episode 2

9 Apr

The second episode of the latest GOT has seen an astounding return to its core plus points. I’m talking fighting, sexual innuendo and witty one-liners. Even without my favourite character Daenerys (Dani to some, forever Khaleesi to me), there was more excitement than I could shake my cup of tea at. Read on for the breakdown:

1. Genius Pairings

And the pairing of the season goes to… Jaime Lannister and everyone’s favourite woman warrior, Brienne. He taunts her, she tugs at his chain, he delivers snide remark, she tugs at his chain. It’s a simple dynamic and it works. Fighting aside, I see them as being eventual allies. These strong blondes belong together.

2. Simmering Sexual Innuendo

Swayze Ghost

Joffrey crossbow

Oh Joffers! The increasingly vile pubescent king is presumably deemed a little too young to get involved in the trysts we see the other cast members embroiled in. Queue some heavy handed crossbow handling and of course the presence of that ‘harlot’, Margaery. ‘Would you like to watch me [use the crossbow to kill]?’ breathed the jezebel before old Joffers positioned himself behind her in the manner of a warped, juvenile Patrick Swayze.

3. The Younger Starks

They were sorely missed last week, but Bran and Arya are back! And Bran’s voice is changing, argh. I didn’t like it at first, or his long hair, but the young cripple is growing into a man and we know he has good genes (hello Robb Stark, Jon Snow).

Feisty old Arya is still hanging out with that guy from Skins and a random fat boy, but noone believes she’s a boy anymore.  The more I see of these brave young Starks, the more I sense that the future of Winterfell may lie  in their hands.

4. Cunning Females

I mentioned the battle of wills between Cersai and Margaery last week, and though they did not share screen time in this episode, the bad feeling continues. Cersai flippantly telling golden boy Joffrey to give Marge a tiny piece of fabric to wear because ‘it will be more than enough’ was just brilliant. Also, take note of Margaery’s clever granny (Diana Rigg!). It’s clear where her knack for a battle plan came from.

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: Sam. Please. Get. A Grip. I might leave the snivelling wreck behind too if I was in the Knight’s Watch. I also feel he should have lost some weight by now with all that walking)

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