Reasons To Be Cheerful #15: Thatcher’s Funeral

17 Apr

As mentioned in a previous entry, the demise of Mrs Thatcher has already given me a few reasons to be cheerful. Now with the incessantly boring media cavalcade that is her funeral, I have several more. The guestlist includes the who’s who of unsavoury politicians, some of our more national treasure-ish celebrities; and Katherine Jenkins. I can but watch as the day – and its accompanying sycophancy – rolls on. Here’s the list:

1. Not Being Invited

Being seated with other non-politicos like Andrew Lloyd Webber and Joan Collins would be bad enough (actually, I’d quite like to sit next to Joan Collins). But just imagine if you will, the extreme awkwardness of being seated between Messrs Blair and Brown, or even worse, Brown and his wife Sarah.

gordon sarah brown

That space between us is the love we have for each other

blair and brown

Can’t we go back to the way we once were Gordo?

2. The media support for Maggie’s granddaughter

Already trending on Twitter, it’s good to see the online media getting behind 19-year-old Amanda Thatcher. The ‘inadvertent star’ of the funeral (and who knew ’til now that funerals even had stars?) has been described variously as ‘composed’, ‘poised’ and ‘funeral totty’.

amanda thatcher 2

3.  Playing The ‘Why are They There?’ Game

Jeremy Clarkson, Shirley Bassey, Michael Crawford, Terry Wogan. Did I mention Katherine Jenkins? WHY ARE THEY THERE?

Sporting funeral tan

Nice funeral tan

4. The Headwear

If political pseudo-state funerals are the go-to for next season’s fashion choices, then here we have a clear winner. Fascinators and jaunty hats – hatinators if you will, have been seen to top the head of many a funeral attendee. Just see Katherine Jenkins above for a more rudimentary look. Below are some styles with more hat in their hatinator..

thatcher fergie




Read 'em and weep

Read ’em and weep

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: Just a small matter of £10,000 000)


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