Reasons To Be Cheerful #17: Sick Days

19 Apr

Ahh the sick day. Estimated to cost the country unknown billions everytime Westlife releases tickets for a comeback tour. These sickies are days to be cherished – even if you really are ill. You can take the time to catch up on trashy TV, listen to intelligent radio programmes or simply enjoy your bed for the day. These are my top reasons for weekday illness:

1. Inactivity

What busy and hectic lives we all lead these days. Often one doesn’t find the chance to really relax more than once a night at bedtime, and that’s only if you are a good sleeper.  So all praise the sick day for unadulterated and guilt-free laziness. Unless of course, you take the opportunity to do those chores that really need to be done during working hours..

2. Daytime TV

Yep, still going strong

Yep, still going strong

Daytime telly has a reputation for being, well, shit. But, really many of us quite enjoy it. I’m talking Bargain Hunt, Trisha, The Jeremy Kyle Show, Loose Women, Dickinson’s Real Deal… Ok, actually, no.

3. The Weekday Lie-In

Turn the alarm off. Ignore your work clothes. You’re staying in bed! Now, just to get back to sleep. Oh, hang on, just call your boss first, switch off the radio and try not to open your eyes too much. While you’re awake you may as well nip to the loo. But then it’s back to bed once and for all, sleeping or no, you WILL lie there until at least 9am.

4. Comfort Eating

Everyone knows that ill calories don’t count. So, if you eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s confusingly-named Phish Food whilst encased in a stained duvet, there really is no need to think about working it off at the gym. This can be a little harder for those of us with thinspiration models stuck on the fridge, but for the most part, you may as well just go ahead and polish off that tub of hot chocolate powder.

Sad times

Sad times

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: You don’t actually have any Ben & Jerry’s, or any other good naughty food. This is why you’re eating hot chocolate by the spoonful).

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