Reasons To Be Cheerful #21: Justin Bieber

26 Apr

At first I tried to ignore the rise and rise of the Biebs, but somewhere along the way the cheeky pop poppet caught my attention. Whether it was his increasingly-mediocre chart offerings or simply the new haircut, by the time of his recent ill-fated visit to London, he was squarely in my sights. Here’s a look at how Bieber has brightened my days:

1. His Trousers

Drop it like it's hot?

Drop it like it’s hot?

One blog post just does not provide enough space to go through the entire bizarreness and inanity of Biebs’ wardrobe (gas mask anyone?), so we’ll focus on one particular garment: the trouser. Always a dropped crotch, normally teamed with high tops: he’s an apparel ambassador. This style of pantaloon is also a brave choice for one not especially blessed in the height department.

2. His Route to Maturity

Some people like to defend Justin with cries of ‘he’s just a teenager!’ or ‘what would happen if your every 18-year-old action was caught on camera?’. To that I say pah! Let him have his rebellion. If he wants to trot around freezing London topless then that’s his business. And who hasn’t been late to their own party? (or gig. At the O2).

3. His Cultural Awareness

A recent trip to the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam revealed Bieber’s uncanny ability to connect to teenage girls of all eras, after he wrote in the visitors’ book:

“Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber”

And let’s not forget his refusal to be bullied into divisive Euro – American semantics  when he explained his bafflement at the question, ‘Bieber is German for basketball: true or false?’ with the response:

“We don’t say that [German] in America”


4. The Way He Stormed the UK Leg of His Tour

On the Brit leg of his Believe tour, Justin managed to piss off his fans, the press and various nightclubs. He spent approximately 80% of his time topless, despite it being England’s coldest weather in about 2000 years AND he told a journalist that he would fuck him up. Way to tour JB. Way. To. Tour.

Casual hotel entrance

Casual hotel entrance

If you find these pictures attractive, this blog is not for you

If you find these pictures attractive, this blog is probably not for you

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: If you beliebed your hype that much maybe you too would have 38million Twitter followers).


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