Reasons To Be Cheerful 26: Parklife

6 May


The sun is out in Hackney and it’s to the park we head. It’s a beautiful day for inhaling hummus and crisps in the sunshine, and it’s a gorgeous day for people watching. And the people? Well, they’re certainly interesting, which as we all know, is a polite way of saying either a) fucking annoying; b) god awful; or c) encouraging their dogs to mount each other. Here’s why I’m cheerful about the park/sun combination:

1. Opportunities For Acceptable and Civilised Daytime Drinking

A classy beverage

A classy beverage

I should first point out that I have been known to enjoy a day drink on more than several occasions, and it would be mainly an untruth to say that these occasions have all been sunny. However, this does not mean that I am unable to appreciate the greater refinement that comes with enjoying a can of Pina Colada whilst sitting on a blanket in close proximity to cricket players. The Pina Colada may be 11% and taste like burnt sugar, but with the sun on its side, it has the high class aura of a vodka Martini sipped on a super yacht.

2. The Picnic

Not this one

Not this one

There really is nothing quite like a picnic. A John Lewis basket spilling over with strawberries and cream, Champagne and pimiento-stuffed olives; fresh anchovies, cold meats and salads involving quinoa. Or, if you choose to err on the economic side, a blue plastic bag filled with one large bag of crisps and the corner shop’s own hummus.

3. The People

On sunny days, I sometimes experience as many as four people that i don’t know, saying hello to me. And that’s not including the old letches (then you’re looking at at least seven). The sun just brings out the best in people. You also get to enjoy the families that have taken advantage of the good weather by bringing toddler Jimmy and doggie Bruno out to the park. A personal favourite for me, was the family who today brought their adorable toddler and two massive rottweilers out. Who doesn’t like to see dogs rutting in front of a three-year-old?

4. The Wildlife

Butterflies, twittering birds, dragonflies. Aah the lovely creatures of summer. So where were you today? All I saw was midges and I’m itching even now.

Beautiful, or just a big fly?

Beautiful, or just a big fly?

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: The fat man apparently burning himself on purpose whilst lying topless on the grass. Absolutely no need for that really).


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