Reasons To Be Cheerful #27: Children of The Rich + Famous

7 May

Pixie and Peaches Geldof, Tali Lennox, Jade Jagger, Kimberley Stewart, Paris Hilton… Some people might see these names as synonymous with words like ‘talentless’ and ‘sponge’ or ‘wastrel’ but here I would like to espouse some of their better qualities. Reasons to be cheerful are as follows:

Daisy and Pearl Lowe: Thanks for the fame mum

Daisy and Pearl Lowe: Thanks for the fame mum

1. They’re a Reminder That Your Life Contains Meaning

After the initial jealousy that these people – who have done nothing but be born – get invites to Coachella, the Met Ball and other hot tickets… After that, you realise that they have no real purpose in life besides picking up cool friends and becoming a mid-level designer’s ‘muse’. They also think that  being in a band equates to ‘breaking out.’ At least you’re not deluded.

Rumer Willis: she may be at Coachella but she's still no Demi Moore

Rumer Willis: she may be at Coachella but she’s still no Demi

2.  They Make You Glad That You Don’t Have to Compete With Your Parents For Attention

When you go home and visit your parents, your parents’ friends tend to be pretty interested in you. Your job, other half, enduring singledom, successes and failures will probably be more interesting to them then the domestic bits and bobs they already know about mum and dad. But imagine, if you will, that your mum is a leotard-wearing popstar. See Cher’s transgender son (formerly daughter) for tips on coping.

From Chastity to Chaz

From Chastity to Chaz

3. You Have Friends, Not Publicity Props

If you look closely at any photo of a Kelly Osborne/Pixie Geldof/Jaime Winstone with her arm draped around another celeb, you will see in her eye the subtle glint of an F. Similar to the dollar sign, this golden flash screams only for fame.



4. Your Name Doesn’t Predicate You Being a Bellend

Much as we might like to denigrate the annoying sons and daughters of talented celebretants, it should be noted that all is not their fault. Imagine if you were called Memphis Eve (Bono), Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson), Pixie, Peaches or Fifi-Trixabelle. Just think about it.

Prince Michael II 'Blanket' Jackson

Prince Michael II ‘Blanket’ Jackson what does the future hold?

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: I think this post might reek of bitterness)

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