Reasons To Be Cheerful #29: TV Remakes

10 May

It became news to me this week that Everybody Loves Raymond was a massive hit. You may remember it from the ailing Channel 4 morning slot watched by the unemployed, the shift-employed and bored summer holiday students.  But apparently everybody in America was watching it. And now, eight years on, we’re remaking it. With Catherine Tate and Lee Mack. I will say nothing of the expected mediocrity, but it did get me thinking about other cross-Atlantic remakes. Here’s a collection of my more positive observations:

Who wouldn't love this guy?

Who wouldn’t love this guy?

1. We Do Understated Comedy Better

Case in point: The Office. I’m not going to lie, I actually do quite like (love) the US version of The Office, but I love it a few series on when it departs from the straight copying of the first couple of seasons. Michael Scott is just no David Brent and as weird and strangely likeable as the sideline characters are, there can be no American Gareth.

There's only one Gareth

“I don’t do sloppy seconds”

2. Americans Glamourise Everything

We do Strictly Come Dancing. It’s hosted by Tess Daly and one of the few octogenarian national treasures to remain untouched by child abuse scandals. It’s all very ‘harking back to the golden days of TV’ kind of stuff. The Americans do DANCING WITH THE STARS. Dragons Den, hosted by an economist,  becomes SHARK TANK. And what’s more, the contenders seem to think that they’re auditioning for the X Factor.

This is a Shark

This is a Shark

3. But We Can Go Trashy Too

Let’s not get snobby here. It’s not only the Americans who can take the lowbrow. Just take a look at the ‘Shores. Specifically, Jersey and Geordie. Our Newcastle chappies and ladettes out-drink, out-shag, out-embarrass and generally out-trash their American counterparts. Booyeah!

Geordie Shore: the pride of Britain

Geordie Shore: the pride of Britain

4. They Bring In The Big Names

I’d never even heard of Alan Sugar before The Apprentice. And Donald Trump’s combover? Well it was just a ginger glint on the horizon. But now look at me. They’re practically friends. And we’ve  managed to ship Simon Cowell off to the States. If that’s not a reason to be cheerful then I don’t know what is.

Sorry about this...

Sorry about this…

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: This one’s for the Americans. Sorry for inflicting Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell and Cat Deeley on you. Sorry for attempting to give you Cheryl Cole).


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