Reasons To Be Cheerful #34: British Camping

3 Jun

camping camping

What with the sun acting like an annoying friend who can never commit to a date because there might be something better on; when it does grace us with its presence, we know we must make the most of it (how else to explain the annual onslaught of bikini-clad Brits soaking up 14 degree ‘heat’ on Brighton beach?). Last weekend, I made the most of the sun by camping, sans bikini. A wholly cheering experience…

Pass the suncream Gladys

Pass the suncream Gladys


Staying in a tent, waking up with the sun, not washing. All these things make me feel closer to nature and I have to say that it’s a beautiful feeling. Also, cooking meals on an open fire, stoked by… well, not me, but my more able companions. And the meals that go hand-in-hand with this healthy living? Why, fry-ups of course, and big meaty barbecues. Yum.

Living off the land via Tesco

Living off the land via Tesco


The great thing about getting away when you live in a city, is that you become acquainted with rural folk far from the ratrace. Down the local boozer, an obviously regular regular welcomed another slightly ethnic regular with some friendly banter for the whole pub to hear. ‘Shut up and go home blackie!’ People just don’t appreciate that kind of stuff in London.

A friendly lot

A friendly lot


As mentioned earlier, the sun is a regrettably fickle friend and though we should probably turn our backs on him and block him out of the group, time and time again we find ourselves pandering to his every whim. Now when you’re camping, anything from the teeny tiniest bit of sun is a bonus, as it probably means that it’s not raining in your tent. So it’s only natural that you find yourself positively beaming when one arm acquires a reddish sunburn – slightly increasing your chances of sun cancer, but absolutely ensuring a one-armed tan.


This one’s a slightly different kettle of fish to point 2.  Fellow campers may well be just like you – escaping the concrete jungle for pastures green and embracing the toilet block over the bourgeois WC. Or they might be ‘shepherding kittens’ like a man we met in the washing up queue. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what this meant either. Turns out it means ‘little boys’. Here’s hoping that that man was a teacher.

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: Glamping. It’s not camping. It’s a lodge without proper walls)

Cam onnnnnn

Cam onnnnnn


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