Reasons To Be Cheerful #36: Festival Prepping

7 Jun

festii - glasto

At this time of year, swathes of the Great British Public are keeping fingers, toes and anything else possible crossed, in the hope that whichever festival they are attending does not turn into a giant swamp. It’s only three weeks ’til Glastonbury, and I am doing the same. Now I know I know that festivals are about letting it all hang out and being super casual or whatever, but I am a planner and for at least a month now, I’ve had a ‘Glasto list’ sitting on my desk. Surely this is at least a quarter of the fun? Here’s what I like about the prep:

1. The Lists

I love lists. I have entire notebooks dedicated to them, and festivals, well they are just ripe for the picking. You’ve got your essentials – torch, bin bags, tent etc. And then there’s the more extravagant stuff – solar shower, waterproof mat, fold-up chairs. How much of this stuff will you actually use? Probably not much beyond the essentials. The shower will probably remain in your rucksack’s side pocket and rain may negate the use of a ground mat, but by Jove you’ll feel good about having ticked it off your list.


Left side essential; right side redondy

2. Band Plans

You see the line-up, you put crosses by the bands you want to see. Some are obviously more important than others and you know that you won’t get to see everyone. The only thing that is certain is that you’ll be too hungover or drunk to make it to a good 65% of them.

3. Festival Wear

Entire magazine sections are now dedicated to looking like Kate Bosworth did at Coachella. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how you look at it), we can’t all ride the wave of being in one moderately successful film about ten years ago and then use it to propel us to the top of the best dressed  festi list. What we can and do do, however, is to pack a few novelty pieces (gold catsuit anyone?), a staple hat and perhaps some jazzy long socks and a Chinese jacket that hasn’t seen the outside world for a good five years. We can then choose to wear a t-shirt, see-through poncho and foot plasters. Every single day. Fuck you Coachella.

Celeb festival

Celeb festival goer

Real festival goer

Real festival goer


4. Festival Eating

When else is it appropriate, encouraged even, to eat a Pot Noodle for breakfast? If anything, this is seen as luxury. I mean, you’re actually eating breakfast. Greasy chow meins, gourmet pies, burgers, ice-creams and free Hari Krishna food know no mealtimes when you’re at a festival. Food is simply food and as long as you’ve packed some sausage rolls and noodles, you’re good to go.

Gourmet brekkie

Gourmet brekkie

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: Life is not a festival)

One Response to “Reasons To Be Cheerful #36: Festival Prepping”

  1. Alex Willis-Bray June 16, 2013 at 10:05 am #

    Great blog – so true!

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