Reasons To Be Cheerful #40: The Returned Ep 2

18 Jun


The Returned returned this week and got pleasingly creepier. Victor’s ramping it up, there’s been talk of cannibalism and we had an animal attack. All in all, the action is thoroughly on it’s way. Here are my favourite parts:

1. Simon



Simon brings up a much-needed attractiveness factor for the show’s males who are otherwise represented by polo-necked over-Frenchness  in the form of the twins’ dad and middling men elsewhere. I think it’s only fair that we get our ogle time, seeing as Lena, Julie, that police woman and Lena’s mum are all confirmed fitties.

2. Serial Killer and Serial Zombie Intrigue

Pierre: I do not trust this man

Pierre: I do not trust this man

‘It’s happened before’ – this is what Pierre – creepy doctor and stepdad to the living twin, Lena – tells Camille and her mum in a strangely nonchalant manner. What does he meeeann exactly? We also learn that ‘he’s back’ in regards to the attacker of Lucy the waitress, who is somehow still alive after last week’s frenzied stabbing. It’s all a bit confused, but from what I can gather, our attacker and probable serial killer of past years is another returnee and brother of bar manager, Toni. He also utilised a spade for a classico whacking-over-the-head moment, which I enjoyed.

3. More Siblings Crossing the Living/Dead Line

Last week I talked about the extra dimension that having a twin returnee adds to the show’s potential. This week, we’ve got a returnee with a brother, and this one looks to be a serial killer! Did Toni kill his brother having found out about his dastardly deeds? If not, how did he die? And is he responsible for stabbing and attempting to eat the liver of last week’s unfortunate waitress? I think not. It feels too obvious.

4. Julie’s Story

Troubled waters

Troubled waters

As Julie perseveres in her care of Victor, surely the most patently evil of the returnees (yes, worse than the serial killer), we are given a little insight into her weird behaviour. Having seen Victor jump from a high window unharmed, magic himself through glass and be generally creepier than a poltergeist, she promises to look after him. What? But then, she cries in the loo and looks at a maze of scars across her stomach. Remnants from the serial killer? Did he try to eat her liver too? Or is there a dead child connection here? Something to explain her desire to keep the devil child? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: Confusion, confusion, confusion)


One Response to “Reasons To Be Cheerful #40: The Returned Ep 2”

  1. MasonBentley June 18, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    My reason to be cheerful..I’m enjoying the reaon to be pissed’s got subtitles so I can’t multi-task!! x

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