Reasons To Be Cheerful #42: Being an Annoying Person That Went to Glastonbury

3 Jul


Festival haters and Radio One (who I’m pretty sure are bang on it) are trying unsuccessfully to make #giveitarestival trend. Well, I’m with the smug crew and I don’t care. A disclaimer right now: this post may be unbearably self-satisfied for those of you who wish people like me would giveitarestival. But all you need to do is get yourself a ticket and join the club for 2014. Here are a cherry-picked selection of reasons to be cheerful:

1. Facebook Nostalgia

After the initial misery of having returned to real life subsides, you can once again make room in your heart for that bit of welly-shaped festival cheer. This is thanks, by and large, to the proliferation of photos turning up on facebook to remind you of the good times. Remember that fish fritter joke? Lols for days. For you and your friends anyway. Not for everyone else. Everyone else hates you.

2. The Pretence That You Could Live Like a Hippy Forever

For a little while, even the most ardent of city folk slumming it at Glastonbury awaken to the dawning realisation that they have truly chosen the wrong path. After all, with the right yurt, a good solar shower and a relaxed attitude towards things like washing your hair, there’s no reason that you couldn’t live in teepee village forever.

3. You Can Complain About Everything

Of course it’s natural to complain about things like work. Only weird people and liars actually like their jobs. But, usually – in polite society at least – complaining about stuff like other people’s birthday parties and Wimbledon is seen as a little rude. However, in the week following Glasto, it is to be fully accepted that everything – short of being invited to spend time on a luxury yacht with Elton John – is a bit shit.

4. The Realisation That You Couldn’t Live Like a Hippy Forever

Gad, it’s great when you start to remember how good it is to be clean and how shit you feel after two hours of sleep waking up in a hot tent. This is the point when real life becomes bearable again and you stop being quite so annoying.

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: A. whole. nother. year.)


2 Responses to “Reasons To Be Cheerful #42: Being an Annoying Person That Went to Glastonbury”

  1. Julie Casey July 3, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

    Oh all so so true. Still preferring waking up after two hours in a hot tent though. Is that normal?

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