Reasons To Be Cheerful #43: ‘Why Don’t Black People Run?’

5 Jul


Yesterday I read a searing article in the Guardian that addressed a woefully under-represented issue. The article in question? ‘Why Don’t Black People Run?‘ It got me to thinking, where would we be without questions like these?

Back in the dark  ages, that’s where.

So let’s take a moment, or four, to look over the reasons to be cheerful for the liberal press and its championing of anti-marginalisation.

This never happens. These black people are models

This never happens. These black people are models

1. Remembering that it’s the everyday stuff that counts

It tends to be the right wingers that take up the big race-related causes because as we all know, every Daily Mail Stephen Lawrence campaign cancels out at least 10 racist immigration stories. It’s the lefties, however, that keep their eye on the all-pervasive marginalisation that occurs up and down the country’s jogging routes. I think it’s time we bring in the fake sheikh. Running clubs, beware.

2. We Can Learn a Lot From the Comments

Afrochic helpfully explains that black women don’t run because it messes up their hair. Other insightful snippets include “sub-saharan Africans tend to be slim anyway” and “why don’t we see more half chinese/ half arab kids doing triathlons?” All helpful, non-stereotypical comments and all useful fodder for more Pulitzer-level articles.

3. It Opens Your Eyes, Truly

Until I read this article I had absolutely no idea – and I speak as a ‘person of colour’ – that “black people do want to run” but are unable to comprehend “that taking part in a race has almost nothing to do with the position you finish or the time you complete it in”. Come on community, pull it together. We can’t all be Mo Farah.

You tell 'em Mo, 'It's the taking part that counts'

You tell ’em Mo, ‘It’s the taking part that counts’

4. It Opens The Door To More Important Questions

Like, why don’t more black people own dogs? I rarely see black people with dogs. Is this because they have learnt from their community that it is only white privilege that enables you to take power over a living thing? And what about eating sushi, fishing and knitting? So so many questions.

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: The fact that I am setting back the cause of the black running minority)



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