Reasons To Be Cheerful #44: The End of Hols

9 Jul

back to school

God it feels great to come back from holiday. The sun on your skin, the fresh air on your face, the cool breeze at your back… Oh wait, no, that’s going on holiday. Well, whatever, haters can hate, but I’m adamant that there are reasons to be cheerful for stepping off the plane Brit-side and here they are:

1. Catching Up on Real Life

A break from home generally means a break from the excitement of day-to-day life, so good as it is to get away, it’s also nice to come back. The fabulous gossip that you’ve missed (yet another person is escaping your dreaded workplace), the emails (productivity targets) and the internet that has failed to miraculously fix itself. Welcome home.

2. Sharing Your Holiday Good Times

It’s nice, after you’ve been on holiday, being asked by friends and colleagues about the great time you’ve had. It’s also fantastic that they don’t mind hearing about your best night (Tuesday) three weeks after your return. Or how much you wish you miss the really great, new friends you made whilst away.

Holiday friends

Holiday friends

Home friends

Home friends


3. Getting Tan Recognition

‘Been away? Anywhere nice?’ That phrase plus the standard once-over tells you all you need to know in the tan stakes. It’s there and it’s noticeable. People are asking if you’ve been away because they’ve seen, appreciated and (hopefully) envied your golden brown skin. For some reason, however, swathes of the population are scared to comment on the tans of already-brown people. Real example: ‘Have you got a tan? Is that bad? Am I now a racist?’. No you are not a racist, and yes, I do want tan recognition.

The timeless 'tan or black' question

The timeless ‘tan or black?’ question

4. Looking Forward To Your Next Holiday

It’s always important to have something to look forward to, and with the end of one summer holiday, you can start looking forward to another. Just 12 months away.

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: Lack of tan recognition)

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