Reasons To Be Cheerful #41: The Office Joker

1 Aug

am off

From what I have learnt in American Studies (see protracted viewing of Sweet Valley High), it is normal for graduation ceremonies to include an award for the class clown. In real grown-up life this kind of person either pipes down (rare) or shakes up their routine (minutely) and becomes the self-designated office joker. As you read this, your own resident OJ may be sitting just inches from your monitor. He’s probably planning how to further boost the office’s collective morale after this morning’s japes with the exercise ball. Who knows? The OJ mind goes further than either you or I can fathom..

The butt of all jokes?

The butt of all jokes?

1. Your Day Always Starts on a Laugh

Monday mornings – morgues as they are known in my office – tend to be characterized by blackness of mood and a general disenchantment with life. But you know what really does help? A bit of morning cheer. And that is what your OJ is there for. Whether it’s a high five or a long-winded tale about an exciting weekend spent with ‘the other half’in B&Q, it can really turn your day around.

2. The Comedy Duos

Reeves and Mortimer, the two Ronnies, French and Saunders, Laurel and Hardy: all great comedic duos, but none come close to a good OJ and his lol support. As a standard, office-based funny pairs work more along Brent and Gareth lines and, while some people might distinguish between laughing at and laughing with, this post does not concern itself with such trivialities. OJ and friend are like a man on the pull and his wingman. Friend sets them up, OJ drops them. Sometimes Friend simply has to utter a ‘mental’ or ‘be warned’to drive the joke home. Sometimes all that’s needed is a ridiculously loud guffaw. This will let the rest of the office know that once again, OJ has said something FUNNY.


3. Real Life Ice Breakers

When a new person starts at work, it can be difficult to fit in. But not if said person is fortunate enough to be positioned near the office joker. In that lucky case, newbie can expect a quick fire round of what’s your name, where d’you come from, what’s your lucky number, what’s your favourite music?’. This will be reciprocated with a brief rundown of OJ’s life, spouse (normally referred to as the wife/other half/better half/anything that showcases OJ’s complete nonchalance at having found a partner), special and general interests and of course, a list (non-boastful) of all the instruments that he can play. There are eight by the way. Not all band standard.

Nice to meet you, great wrist action

Nice to meet you, great wrist action

4. Building Inter-Departmental Links

If there’s one thing that the modern business world has taught us it is that communication is key. That’s why we do stuff like team building and treasure hunts and inter-departmental pub quizzes. To get us all to TALK. The office joker emphatically does not need this kind of forced fun to communicate. He is the forced fun. So don’t be surprised to see Stanley from payroll on the receiving end of one of OJ’s famous ‘cross-room points, side fives, how are ya buddy’s or even a playfully-aimed tennis ball.

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