Reasons To Be Cheerful #51: Early Onset Christmas

24 Sep

For at least the last ten years, the advent of autumn has been the advent of complaints that Christmas starts earlier ‘every year’. I’m not sure if there are statistics to back this up (and you’re in the wrong place if you’re after verifiable research), but anecdotal evidence, garnered from the moderately reliable source of my own memory, would certainly support this. Yes, restaurants have always surreptitiously scattered Christmas menus sometime after June, but I don’t remember the Merryteasers* being quite so prevalent this time last year. So let’s be un-grinchy and take the positive path. What’s good about early festivities?

*The Merryteaser

*The Merryteaser

1. It Puts Summer in the Shade

This year, it’s true, we’ve actually had a pretty good summer – at least in comparison to the dire non-seasons of the past few years. But most years summer turns out to be a drudgery whose drudge is only intensified by the knowledge that it’s MEANT TO BE HOT. So at least when the tinsel and tittle tattle of Christmas comes along prematurely, we can accept the weather for what it is.

2. The Food

Even though a little bit of me dies every time I spy a mince pie before October, there’s also a bit that says ‘gimmie’. Gimmie the mince pies, the chocolate snowmen, the advent calendars and the pub Christmas dinners, even the Wetherspoons ones. GIMMIE.

A Christmas Calorie

A Christmas Calorie

3. The Countdown

This: is a Christmas countdown. It’s like the one you used to do in the back of your journal at school when you still got too excited to sleep on Christmas eve (no?); just more modern. It’s a reminder of how many days are left until you have to buy a Christmas party dress, plumb the depths of your mind to think of a present for dad and make the gut-wrenching decision between an extra winter coat for you or a decent present for auntie Liz. We all know who’s getting Milk Tray.

4. Shopping

This year you’ll beat the rush. I know, I know, it was said and not done last autumn, but this year will be different. You will NOT battle the throngs of people attempting to beat their fellow shoppers to death with their John Lewis bags. No, no, you’ll be doing it all online and before November.

Hell on earth? Oxford St in December

Hell on earth? Oxford St in December

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: The impending vommy adverts featuring soulless singers stomping all over classic tunes with contrived sweetness and questionable melody).

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