Reasons To Be Cheerful #58: Winter Swag

6 Nov

Regular readers may have noticed something of a preoccupation with weather and apparel on this blog. Well I do not apologise. Both are about the most important things in any upstanding British person’s life and the related quandaries really are endless. So as we approach my least favourite season once again; shivering, naked (not really) and braced for the cold, I search the vagaries of my mind for reasons to be cheerful (as opposed to cold) about what Stylo G so eloquently termed, winter swag.

1. New Selfie Opportunities

Uploading bare-shouldered selfies onto Facebook and Instagram that hint at nakedness, but in a sort of self-mocking, knowing way (conveyed by silly duckface) can get a bit, well, same-y. Thank god for winter then, and its many accessories. Fluffy hat selfie? Yes please. Or how about a big cardigan wrapped around your shoulders? Double yes.

LOOK at my fur, God I'm fabulous

LOOK at my fur, God I’m fabulous

2. Quirky Hats

What better way to show off your creative, funny side than with a well-placed piece of novelty wear? During the blowy months, this need is best fulfilled by a simultaneously practical hat. Animal hats are perfect: they growl (you’re fierce), they’re fluffy (you’re also cute) and they’re really warm (you’re…. cold).

These 2 are young enough to pull it off

These two are young enough to pull it off

These three are not

These three are not


3. Tights

Some people await the onset of sun with glaring impatience to get their pins out. Some, especially in the north, love to get their legs out so much, that they forgo tights and trousers even in the dead of winter. Personally, I don’t understand this attitude. Not at all. Tights are just about the best practical fashion wear ever. Period. They make your legs look nice and slim and smooth (no stray hairs or scars) and they feel silky. And they go with pretty much everything. FYI: This refers to opaque black tights, sheer numbers and the occasional pattern. It certainly does NOT include fake suspender tights, anything with bows on or the excessively-patterned.

Prostitute chic

Prostitute chic

4. No-Shave Legs

Leading neatly on from point 3, I’d like to share in my love of freedom from leg shaving. Though most of winter is high maintenance – extra layers to think about, more buttons to do up, that kind of thing; personal grooming can take a step back. And it feels great. Obvs there are times when it’s not really ok to go in hairy-legged, but you definitely don’t need to be doing it on a regular. You won’t, for example, be scrutinising that patch on your knee you missed when swinging your bare legs in the sunshine. Legs are appropriately covered and non-swinging. It is winter after all.

Tights make you look like a 90s fittie

Tights make you look like this 90s model


No words

No words

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