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Reasons to be Cheerful #63: Pancake Day

4 Mar

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Shrove Tuesday, much like Easter and Christmas is one of the predominant reasons that I am glad to live in a Christian (kind of) country. Much as the ideas of forgiveness and loving thy neighbour (obvs depending on fitness) appeal to me, neither of them really go with a lemon and sugar topping. So on today, holiest of days (well, in the top five anyway), I would like to share my reasons to be cheerful.

1. Pudding For Dinner

As someone who likes to prioritise stomach space by eating sweet before savoury, the one day of a year that elevates the best bit of dinner (aka the pudding) to the top of the pile is one that chimes well with me. And anyway, eggs and flour are pretty savoury so actually, a pancake covered in nutella, banana and ice-cream is just like dinner and dessert in one.

A well-rounded meal

A well-rounded meal

2. Let’s You be Quasi-Religious

For all the spiritually-curious who can’t or won’t commit, events like pancake day and the subsequent month of Lent are the perfect opportunity to broach the religious path with a non-too distant endpoint in sight. Stuff yourself silly, give up chocolate/bread/fags for a month and then when you decide that God’s not for you, noone will judge (or care). So much easier than reading the bible. And you don’t have to get up early on a Sunday.

For the love of Jesus?

For the love of Jesus?

3. It’s a Great Excuse For a Diet

Personally, I don’t go for the fad style of diet, but I think it’s fair to say that that statement either makes me a liar or a member of another minority. What I do know, is that wanting to be a size 10/8/zero isn’t enough motivation for most non-pro-ana people and this is why Mondays, new years, imminent meetings with exes and Lent are all popular diet starting points. I’m pretty sure that the original aim of Lent wasn’t to achieve a flat stomach through the self-denial of carbs, but whatever. If it works, it works.

4. Pancake Making is So Much Easier than Proper Baking

Before people start griping, I am aware that frying a pancake is not baking, but I’m going to go ahead and conflate cakes with pancakes anyway. They both include the word ‘cake’ and they both include flour and eggs. What more do you want? Anyway, the point is that baking a cake is hard. Even though Mary Berry is a great inspiration, her haloed and snazzy-jacketed image alone does not negate the bloody complicatedness of doing a cake from scratch. Pancakes though, are easy. They don’t even need to look nice. Rustic works as well as the next. Just drizzle a bit of chocolate a la Jamie Oliver and you’re basically a pro.

God in a Zara jacket

God in a Zara jacket



Reasons To Be Cheerful #46: Tuesdays

16 Jul

RUBY TUESDAY SIGN, Ruby Tuesday Casual Restaurant Thomas County Thomasville GA.

Apparently, Tuesday is named for a one-handed god who was stupid enough to put his hand (the lost one) into the jaws of a beast. This guy was named Tiw and he didn’t get that much recognition compared to his peers, but then maybe that’s what you get for being a bit of a moron. The point is, every day has reasons to be cheerful and I needed a prelude and that was it. So here goes:

1. It’s Not Monday

This is the big one. Mondays, when you are a 9 to 5 worker, are without doubt, the worst day of the week. Known as Morgue Mondays in my revered orifice, they have been scientifically proven to last longer than other days and to induce 50% more toilet cries. So when you crawl into work on Tiw’s Day, life is immediately much improved. Much like waking up the day after a horrendous hangover (unless the hangover was on Sunday, in which case it carries over to Monday).

This cat doesn't even have to work

This cat doesn’t even have to work

2. Great Baby Name Potential

This one is for my celebrity readers (there are many) who will well know that place names (Brooklyn), colours (Blue Ivy) and fruits (Apple) are just so 2008-2012. Weekday names however – inspired. Tuesday Kardashian would have been sheer brilliance.

Time to bring the Royal Family up to date K Mids

The name guessing is finally over

3. Insult Potential

Not many days of the week can be used to scorn foes with absolute vehemence, but Tuesday, well Tuesday has the power. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’ll just say that it’s best if I C U Next Tuesday.

Tea for the boss

Tea for the boss

4. Pancake Day

While it can be easy for the less pious of us to forget about Christ’s sacrifices, the reason for the cross in hotcross buns, all the lessons about abstinence, and SO ON; pancake day is actually Shrove TUESDAY. It comes from shrive which means to confess. And it’s just before Lent, when we learn to feel the pain of the third world as we give up chocolate or bread for a couple of days. But, most importantly of all, we get to eat lots of pancakes and then Instagram our fun times. Thankyou Tuesday!

Thankyou Jesus

Thankyou Jesus

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: You’re still looking at three days ’til the weekend)