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Reasons To Be Cheerful #48: Mid-Week Drinking

29 Aug


As I write this post, slumped in my chair, I can’t help but wonder if it was all worth it just for the sake of my blog, but then of course I rally: my art is all. Dedication to the cause has seen me drinking white wine at the rate of a thirsty elephant. And on a Wednesday too. Unnecessary? Probably (definitely). But there are, as always, a few reasons to be cheerful…

1. Mornings Are Fun

Singing in the shower, laughing when you bump into the door and casually talking to yourself in the morning are all signs that you are in the pre-hangover stage of the hangover. AKA, you’re still a bit drunk. It might sound good, but it’s all downhill from here. And at the bottom of the hill lies work. Because it’s a Thursday.

Today will be a GREAT day

Today will be a GREAT day

2. Learning to Appreciate The Office Bathroom

Spending inordinate amounts of time in the loo when at work is normally the result of one of three things: excessive tiredness, excessive drinking or troubles of the heart. During times like these you can really learn to appreciate a decent, nice smelling toilet. It also helps you to let go of your long-standing annoyance at the broken lights in two of the four toilet cubicles. It’s easier in the dark.

Fantastic tiling

Fantastic tiling

3. An Excuse To Be Grumpy

As you struggle to muster up a non-threatening ‘Morning’ to your colleagues you don’t have to feel bad about not being the ray  of light that they would normally encounter. Moodiness as a result of hangover is fully accepted. You simply need to communicate the state of affairs to a couple of key people and you should be left to stew for the rest of the godforsaken day.

Oh fuck off!

Oh fuck off!

4. Learning Your Lesson

‘I’m never drinking again’ is something that I never say. I’m a realist. Not getting smashed on a Wednesday night again? Much more achievable. Lesson learned.

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: The head/stomach pain and the burger consumed at midnight)

Was this ever really necessary?

Was this ever really necessary?


Reasons To Be Cheerful #22: Cultural Outings

29 Apr

These days it’s fashionable to be cultural whichever ebb of society you’ve swum in from. And why the hell not? There’s a lot to see out there. This weekend, I went culture-hopping in Manchester’s Cornerhouse and University Museum, rediscovering along the way, a few reasons to be cheerful:

Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum

1. Meeting Diverse People

If you’re going to meet a rampant socialist anywhere, I suppose that a high falutin exhibition on post-revolutionary art is probably the place. And who doesn’t want to hear a possibly drunken man’s views on the petite bourgeois on a Sunday afternoon?

2. Re-Connecting With The Kids

At the Manchester Museum there were cute children on all sides. Actual alright ones who weren’t screaming or being asked to please stop kicking the nice lady Atticus. I beamed at them. They smiled back. I felt like a bestower of good will and an example to the younger generation. I couldn’t help noticing, though, that we were asking the same questions.

3. Giving Something Back

We know that we get something out of culture (a growing awareness, opportunity to pontificate, a blog). But what about the people and organisations making the culture happen? This was my thinking when I agreed to a ’10-minute survey’ after the revolutionary exhibition. Twenty 10-part multiple choice questions later, I felt I’d done my bit. And that I should go to the pub.

4. You Could Get to See a Fight 


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating violence. But if it happens in nature then it is different, right? My experience in Manchester Museum this weekend took quite a David Attenborough turn after I found myself bearing witness to a vicious brawl between two green lizards. You don’t get that in the pub! (well, not with lizards. You catch my drift).

(REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF: I’m not and am unlikely ever to meet David Attenborough. Or Richard)

Attenborough Lolz

Attenborough Lolz